Gabriel Roeder Smith and Co.
Actuarial & Asset Consulting - Gabriel Roeder Smith and Co.(GRS) is the actuarial consulting firm retained by the Board of Trustees.

Services performed for the Board of Trustees include:
  • Annual Actuarial Report that shows, among other things, how much the City must contribute to the Fund.
  • Annual Benefit Statement for each member that shows normal retirement date, estimated normal retirement and accrued benefits, and other information.
  • Calculation of benefits payable to members who retire or leave with vested benefits.
  • Determination of cost impact of proposed changes in benefits.

General information about GRS:
  • The firm began operation in 1938.
  • The headquarters is in Southfield, Michigan(outside Detroit) with offices in Bethesda, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Orlando, Sacramento and San Diego.
  • There are approximately 115 GRS employees (28 in Ft. Lauderdale).
  • GRS is the actuary for approximately 110 public employee retirement systems in Florida, and 400-500 nationwide. There are about 40 statewide systems included in these figures.

For further information contact the Ft. Lauderdale office:
  Gabriel Roeder Smith and Co.
  301 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 200
  Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

  Phone: (954) 527-1616
  Fax: (954) 525-0083

    Steve Palmquist, Senior Consultant and Actuary
    Mary Contois, Benefits Specialist
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