BTIG is a global financial services firm specializing in institutional trading, investment banking, research and related brokerage services. Located throughout the U.S., and in Europe, Asia and Australia, our professionals leverage their expertise to service clients at every stage of the investment lifecycle. Fueled by our passion to help maximize results for our institutional and corporate clients, BTIG offers personalized multi-asset class execution, expertise and insights worldwide across equities, equity derivatives, ETFs, fixed income, futures, commodities, foreign exchange, interest rates, credit, and convertible and preferred securities. The firm's core capabilities include global sales, portfolio, electronic and outsource trading, transition management, investment banking, prime brokerage, capital introduction, corporate access, research and strategy, commission management and more.

Transition Management

Bridging the Gap to the Target Portfolio

BTIG Transition Management is dedicated to providing global multi-asset class transition solutions for asset-owners undergoing portfolio realignments, asset allocation adjustments or changes to their investment manager lineup. Our mission is to help asset owner clients protect the value of their assets from unnecessary transaction costs and unintended risk exposures and upholds the integrity of overall fund performance throughout the duration of their transitions. Leveraging proprietary order routing, index rebalancing technology and BTIG's natural liquidity, our team maintains transition order flow anonymity and provides clients with a cost-effective and seamless end-to-end transition management solution.

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